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WARNING: Do Not read these Books if you are not a Jedi

December 14, 2017


(1) “Freedom tm” by Daniel Suarez, 2010, Quercus, London

(2) “iGod” a science fiction novel by Willemijn Dicke  inspired and introduced by Dirk Helbing, 2017, printed in Great Britain by Amazon


These books are more than just Science Fiction novels. They are shocking and awesome in the sense that what they forecasted and describe is happening right now…….

Even worse in my case. Several important patterns I had perceived unfolding in  our network society but had not communicated to anyone, where written down in these two books. Prescient the writers must be. Just like “1984” which is being implemented now in 2017 as if that book was a manual for authoritarian dicktatorship.

I sincerely hope that our emerging worldwide “collective intelligence with distributed authority” can bend these frightening trends in a more constructive direction, without killing billions of people. I guess you know what to do: connect and cooperate trans-tribal boundaries.

jaap van till, TheConnectivist

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  1. Pessoas estão cada vez mais se conectando a rede.

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