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NoMoPhobia and Coveritus

February 20, 2012

(With thanks to Paul Budde in Australia) You probably have it. The FEAR of not having your mobile phone near you. Somebody might try to reach you and where is the damn thing.

It has been called now “Nomophobia“, for no-mobile-phobia, see and surveys show a high percentage of people have it. Yes I do take my iPhone to bed at night, but that is also to be able to call the police if burglars enter our house. And yes several times a year I call my cellphone to find it under piles of newspapers and books or “in the other coat”.

Well, let me introduce another new word myself: ” Coveritus “. That is the nervous twitch you get when you sit down in a meeting and are not certain if your tablet or iPad has Wi-Fi coverage. And if is has you can find and use the %##^%$%$% password to get internet access.

Thank heavens the SURFnet people of the Netherlands national research and education network (NREN) have developed “EduRoam” a function with which you can get online to internet on premises of most of the enlightened universities and schools in the world by …..just opening your laptop or starting your iPad. Its automatic authentication  works by very quickly checking if you are registered at your home university or school. So sorry folks this heavenly invention only works for scholars, students and staff of education and research institutions. It was implemented as a remedy since these smart girls and boys had severe attacks of “Coveritus Enormus”.

There are two other severe afflictions caused by iPad app use I can report. I have the Vague InstaGram Look. Yes I am an addict of the photosharing InstaGram app. It is wonderful and brings me beautiful images from people all over the world. But is also makes me look around all day everywhere I go for an interesting and colorful scene or thing I can photoshoot with my iPhone. Yes I look a bit vague and dreamy around me even when not with smartphone (and nomophobic).

The next one I ran into is the WordFeud Tremor my wife has when she is waiting for the “beep” announcing her opponents moves to come through. She then has prepared a couple of words she can lay on my iPad screen, but is tense if the opponent have or have not obstructed these many-point word moves. So I have difficulty to get my iPad back. Nearly all day she sits waiting at tables and everywhere with my iPad near her so she can immediatly react when one of the other players she plays online with has made a move. Maybe I have to buy her one of her own so I can get it back for my addictions.


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  1. I don’t understand why nobody has yet started a commercial Wi-Fi access service, like EduRoam, for the general public?
    If Coveritus as an angst is widespread there must be a market of hundreds of millions for that!!!

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    Since the name BroodjeJaap does not catch on outside the Netherlands and Belgium, I continue writing my blogs at

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