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Lies, big lies, statistics, banksters, sales adds, most education, TV journaille and politicians

February 4, 2012

Well we know that salespersons oversell a bit in their enthousiasm, we know and still… The Romans in their wisdom explained that we can not blame the poor sods trying to scrape a living out off selling things, by their slogan “Caveat Emptor” LET THE BUYER BEWARE !! I have a much better solution: I just turn off the TV set. I am sick and tired of having to wait out all these endlessly repeated commercial breaks. With lots of things I have not interest in ever, like womens secrets with blue liquid. Are they smurfs? Please keep those secrets secret!! Zapping does not help anymore. We are simply forced to see commercials, in Google pages, in Facebook and soon in Twitter too. Already I get bombardments of iPads I have won, if I just fill in this questionaire. Can that stop please ??

I can predict that the annoyed will start to fight back on adds and spam, LET THE SELLERS BEWARE !! It is probably a “broodje aap (NL)” story ( folklore ) that you could do something back to somebody who bombarded you with fax messages by taking a black page and glue it with tape in a circular fashion and then send this black fax for a couple of hours to the party you wanted to hurt. The story said that it would set the fax machine of the opponent on fire. Well it was probably a lie but it would certainly deplete the toner at the recieving end. Or be disobedient to adds, that has probably more and less destructive impact. Do not give them your eyballs.

On a bit more serious note. We live in a world of transparency. Nothing can be kept hidden very long. By observant persons and by many millions of “little brothers” with internet access a lot of things are revealed. The closest thing to aggressive commercials is nationalistic government propaganda forcefed into heads of millions. Yes not far from you too!!! Liu Xia0bo, the Chinese Nobel Prize winner, still in jail, has a clear message: “Each of us must start to refuse to lie in public life”. If officials tell the truth they have nothing to hide. Non-violent disobedience is a powerful public force.

The same thing goes for education. Sure there are spectacular good examples and everone can remember one or two teacher who where really exceptionally good and who we remember the rest of our life. But most of the stuff teached to the young, except the basic knowledge and skills, is outdated rubbish, no longer relevant. And what is, will be inadequate within a few years. Things in society and the knowledge to survive in the world change so fast that just pouring (broadcasting) knowledge into the heads of the young will not do anymore. The kids know it, the parents know and most of the teachers know. The following book described the situation in 1971 and was recently scanned (with some errors) and put online, for you to read it : One of the most important lessons for life of kids is to learn Crap Detection, the skill get the rubbish and nonsense out of a story, smell and find the rats and find the real crux of what was said, written or showed.

The haunting thing is that the education systems in the world have NOT changed a bit since that booklet was writen. Also here we see movements in the direction of “value chain reversals” like the “study groups” of John Seely Brown and the collaboration courses of Howard Rheingold where he introduced co-education, dialogue learning student-student-teacher. Yes students talking back. Not disrespectful but by asking questions and contributing the courses get “life” into them.

You see the pattern, the crux I painted? One-direction sales, media broadcasting, politics and education in which the passive consuming public is told what to do and what to think is no longer valid or the only way. With the help of internet tools and the evolving social media people openly talk to eachother P2P to find solutions and learn, learn and then to learn to improve life and to contine improving it, ever at a faster pace.

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