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The Middle Class Mutiny

January 29, 2012

The Middle Class Mutiny was probably not discussed by the banksters, politicians and corporate chiefs gathered in Davos, just like “the poor”. It is often felt by elites that their rich position is only threatened by probable uprisings of the poor masses but that they are confortably be shielded of those “loosers” by the ever more consuming middle classes. Not. Something has been happening in recent years. The unhappiness is striking in the middle too. The center parties in most European countries are losing voters rapidly to parties that either position themselves as just above (in wealth and in education) the middle class (in NL: VVD and D’66) or just below (in NL: SP). This has nothing to do with left or right, that is a distinction from the past. The problematic thing for the old parties that has always firm central positions and thus where firmly seated not only in government but in lots and lost of decision making bodies in society. These center parties are panicking and are nearly driven off the stage (NL: CDA and PvdA). This is combined by the upcoming generation change of the many young highly educated and the economic recession.


Sarkozy is worried. Putin is worried, The Pakistan government is worried. Both Republicans and Democrats are worried, see It does not help that the present elite declares that the Occupy movement people are terrorists and tries to fight them with tear teargas. Interesting that this Middle Class Mutiny did start in Tunis, and then spread all over the Arab Spring countries, went north to Spain and Greece, the USA and is reaching Syria, Iran and Russia now. Do not underestimate those peaceful protesters in tents on our city squares. They are just the tip of an iceberg of more than a million people, well connected and very well organized but not in ways which are centralized or visible. And they act up in more powerful ways then was thought possible before the internet started to grow, see

What we see is Civil Society 3.0 starting up. It is not the enemy. It is us. 1968 all over again, on steroids. Unstoppable like Twitter. Yes it will reach China too. Maybe sooner than later.


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