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Twitter is Unstoppable

January 28, 2012

Today, saturday January 28th of 2012, was declared by users to be #TwitterBlackout Day. No this time the Anon’s did not block it, but the users decided yesterday together to not post any Tweets or do anything else on Twitter today. No traffic. Well I can not verify if anybody  did use the service , since that would break the blackout, would’t it?

Why have the users decided that? The reason is that the Twitter organization, based in the USA, has declared that in order to continue to grow worldwide Twitter has to appease governments and companies, that when these have serious complaints against certain specific posts (Tweets), Twitter will remove these tweets. Twitter wants to also grow in countries that have different ideas about Freedom of Expression. According to an interview of Katie Stanton, the only way to be allowed to operate for instance in the Rep. of  China is when we would filter ALL tweets and we do not want to do that. Titter now has 100 million active users and want to reach billions. Twitter also wants to start making money by advertisements for which global coverages is essential. They do not see this removal of tweets in particular countries as “censorship” since the particular tweets should be left visible in other countries. Also Titter would publish the specific demands to remove by governments of nation states and companies in every case so everybody can see them.

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Well, the users of Twitter do consider this declaration of Twitter to that they intend censorship. The “social medium” Twitter has grown to be not only a publication medium for microblogs less than 140 characters (including URLs to for instance Youtube films or photo’s) long but also a valuable communication system between people, some of which can be anonymous, while many types of devices can be used. Cellphones, smartphones, PC’s, laptops, tablets just as long as they have network access, however slow. The strongest asset of its technology is that it is near to unstoppable. No I ma not going any time soon to explain how this is constructed, but rest assured that it does. During the Arab Spring for instance may governments tried in vain to stop Twitter while they took down (international) Internet links and cellphone networks in certain area’s. That is also why a lot of people in the Arab Spring countries are now angry at Twitter. “They have now taken away the ONLY thing that worked during the uprisings”, is what they say.

For instance today in Egypt people will not join the “blockade” since today is the one year memoration of the brave men and women who stood up to the Murbarak Regime last year and gave their life. I remember that the USA Secretary of State mrs, Hillary Clinton last year asked Twitter not to take down their network service for maintenance during a crucial time in the uprisings. Maybe she can ask Twitter now to revoke their decision to take down tweets on request of govt’s and businesses?? Communication companies should have “no message in the messages”, be agnostic about what people write or say to eachother, on and offnet,  no interest in the messages they convey. This concerns the Internet Freedoms of the Civil Society that governments and corporations have to respect.

Again this is what John Perry Barlow said when they asked him where Cyberspace (aka Internet) resided, in what country? His answer was : it resides between peoples ears, in their brains! Where governments have NO jurisdiction. Governments can like this or not but they better learn to get accustomed to this fact. Together interconnected civilians are building the Planetary Brain. It will be so powerful and it will learn so quick that it will be unstoppable, even by Twitter it self.


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