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Helping Widows access Internet: work for you?

January 22, 2012

There is a new problem staring to appear in a very specific and not small part of the population: widows that face big mental hurdles to come online and use all the possibilities of Internet. Not only because their relatives and friends put pressure on them to get out of their isolation after their husbands died, but also because a lot of stuff like booking airline tickets etc must be done online. The point is that “my husband always did that”, well….. until he died.


It is a fact that most ladies get much older than their husbands, so this problem will be widespread and not always their grownup children or next doors geek boy will find the time and effort to get grandma through the simple steps to start the computer, log in etc, find the passwords of their husbands mailbox(es) to tell the friends that he has passed away, etc.

So maybe this is a new service which can be provided for a reasonable fee for your time and effort. At least you get cups of tea. Two of my friends are quite busy helping widows of their friends that passed away. Even they might want to hire instructors to do it properly.

May this is something for you to start doing professionaly? But forget to advertise for it online :-))

jaap van till


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  1. Tantetill permalink

    I see your point.

    But may be go a little lighter on the sexism.
    Widowers have a similar hurdle, and research has proven them to be less prone to recover from the emotional loss, as they have less of a social structure to help them work through it…
    Usually they don’t even ask for help, where the widows do…

    Pity, I just had an issue with my godfather getting connected and the help desk guy condescendingly speaking down to me. Neither of them listened to me asking for certain information.
    Got it working in the end, but without any help from anyone…

    So may be your story is more about mental hurdles we all put up, that make us stop reaching out and listen.
    And less about actual technical issues.


    • I was talking about another generation, and proposed to let people help those who have difficulty to get online and connect to friends on the internet.

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